Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Clean

Well day two of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbooking has made me think about the design of my blog........ I've made a few changes today, but hopefully will change more bits as the weeks progress. I'm on the lookout for inspiration of design changes. I deleted a few things from my side bar, I kept the blog roll as this is how I like to keep up to date with my favourite blogs, I also kept the challenges as I use these as inspiration. I deleted my header as I think it was a bit dated. Changed template to something a bit more fresh...............let me what you think??????

I'd like thank everyone who took part in my poll and left comments yesterday.......and a big helllloooo to new readers, I appreciate everyone of you.

Tomorrow I hoping to share something creative 


Jenny said...

Hi Angie, looking good so far, nothing like a good spring clean...only trouble is some words have been chopped off your text on the right hand side margin :)
Jenny x

Colleen said...

Loks great - love the light, clean look. Found you through BBFS and this is the first time I've dropped in, but hope to more often now that I've found you!

Sandra said...

It's looking good, but I've always enjoyed your blog and thought your heading was lovely.

Louise said...

its looking good Angie!! Just taken part in your poll too xx

Alison said...

This is my first visit-via BBfS. I noticed you live in South Shields...we used to live in Whitley Bay!
Alison xx

Cheryl McCain said...

I'm liking the looks Angie. I'm from BBFS class and trying to visit blogs this evening.
I REALLY like that you kept your blog roll. You mentioned that it makes it easy for you to check up on the blogs you visit. I think I'll do the same but maybe put it on a page instead of the homepage.
Keep up the good work!

Connie said...

looks great Angie~looking forward to seeing what you do!!!