Tuesday, 26 April 2011

just a little something

Not sure about you but sometimes I'm such a slow scrapper, this layout has sat on my desk for awhile as I couldn't decide if it need something else added............I started it with intentions of journaling a bit of a personal struggle I had with motherhood, but I wasnt brave enough or could find the words to say what I wanted. Well maybe I'll added it at a later date. I used a sketch from "creative scrapper" number #150, with is from 3rd April, so that was awhile. I used more Echo park "for the record papers" and some of my first attempt at rolled flowers.

I always struggle with do you journal? do you enjoy it or find it a struggle like me? I would love if you can leave link to anything you might think would help me.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter

I'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter..........We had a busy weekend, so spending today watching rubbish tv and cos I cant sit still I'll be pottering about with some cards. 

I'm a little bit excited as ordered some more of the Angel Stamps from Sj, if you havent seen them hop over to her blog, some great examples using images........and a card from me (thanks Sj) be quick as they sold out very quickly last time. This card was completed using the gorgeous heart stamp that came on the same sheet as "lillian"

I'm taking part in Shimelle new class "Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers" it has definately got me thinking about my blog. Some thoughts so far..........
I love sharing my cards and scrapbooking with everyone, and I love getting comments with helps me get to know my readers.....this week I have try to visit everyones blog who has kindly left a comment. I struggle to share the personal/family stuff  as I'm not the best creative hopefully this class might help me with this.

 Todays question is What would you, my readers, like to see here on my blog? would you be interested in a little more about my little world? 

Friday, 22 April 2011

my hometown prompt 4

Sunny South Shields is the town where I live, actually I was born here and lived here all my life. I have spent all my life wishing I lived somewhere else maybe in the countryside or even in another country, preferably somewhere warmer. Its only recently that I have been glad I live here......the beach is just 5 minutes away and we have a lovely green belt owned by the National Trust that stretches to another beach about 2 mile up the road. I spend most days walking my dog along the beach and the cliff tops, admiring the amazing view. I'm now very grateful to have this beautiful coastline on my doorstep. 

This layout was inspired mostly by the photographs which were taking on a daily walk, I used them along with this sketch from Shimelle, its the sketch of the week, her blog is full of inspiring creativity. I kept layout quite simple just focusing mainly on photographs, added little embellishment and some simple journalling.

I wonder if you all love where you live? or do you wish you lived somewhere else? maybe a million miles away......please do share your thoughts

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Clean

Well day two of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbooking has made me think about the design of my blog........ I've made a few changes today, but hopefully will change more bits as the weeks progress. I'm on the lookout for inspiration of design changes. I deleted a few things from my side bar, I kept the blog roll as this is how I like to keep up to date with my favourite blogs, I also kept the challenges as I use these as inspiration. I deleted my header as I think it was a bit dated. Changed template to something a bit more fresh...............let me what you think??????

I'd like thank everyone who took part in my poll and left comments yesterday.......and a big helllloooo to new readers, I appreciate everyone of you.

Tomorrow I hoping to share something creative 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Here goes..............

Today is the first day of Shimelles new class, beyond blogging for scrapbookers. I'm hoping this class will help me write more interesting posts and finding what my readers (thats if I have any) want to read about. Well todays prompt is to find out about your I'm asking the question, well several questions and hope you stop by and leave a comment. 

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO MY BLOG TODAY ??? was it facebook, ukscrappers, shimelles forum, blogger or are you a regular visitor, please introduce yourself.

I'm really looking forward to these prompts.....................hope you enjoy my journey. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

50's feel

A few weeks ago I ordered a stash box from papermaze. You were able to chose a manufacturer so as I love October Afternoon I couldn't go wrong.............loved it stuff with "modern homemaker" I have to be honest wouldnt have normally gone for this range but love it all, stamps,papers,chipboard shapes and stickers.

Heres what I made again Red and Pink a great 50's look ideal for a new home card.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Red and Pink combo

I'm loving this combo at the moment take three sheets of patterned paper, bit kraft, red card stock and a few stamps and heres what happened.............

pattern paper i have used are

1. echo park "everybody loves christmas" ornaments
2. October Afternoon " modern home maker" cherry pie
3. My Minds Eye "alphabet soup" flower patch

and the stamp is from "stampedous" a delicious cupcake, added some stitching, a bloom and button

more from this combo later in the still using up scraps (yes every inch of these delicious papers)

Have a lovely Wednesday xxxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

its cool

I get some funny requests, my brother asked me to make a sparkly penguin birthday card..........penguins??? in April??  Eventually remembered I had bought a polar bear stamp in the sales after crimbo, it also had a cute penguin on it as well. So stamped them several times and coloured with promakers.........and this is what I came up with. Love the result its such fun............just hope its loved as penguins are not just for Christmas haha

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The very talented Wendy Mckee sent me this award, I love keeping up to date with her craftiness and was quite chuffed she reads my little old blog.

I have to list five things about myself and one has to be thing I enjoy about crafting.

1. I am very messy and very unorganised, always running around like a headless chicken to get things done in time..........but they always get done, even if it means a very late night. I wish I tidied as I went and not leave it till I cant bear it anymore, then takes me an age to sort.

2. I have re discovered reading, something I hadn't done for awhile. Find the escapism help my sleep pattern, relaxes my mind and helps me get a few more hours sleep.

3. I love my hound.....ooh and my son James. Spend a few hours a day walking along the coast.......Its just ME time.

4. I'm always busy with something crafty, whether it card making, scrapbooking or even cross stitching although I havent picked that up in a long while but I'm sure I will again soon.

5. As its mother's day............I yearn to be better mother. Although I think I do an ok job, but there is much room for improvement, I struggle with this parenting think I may have got the hang of it after 15 years.

Now I need to tag 5 more here goes


mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to you all, hope you all have been spoilt rotten. My big boy, has been up given kisses and a gift and now hes back in bed......haha thats teenagers for you. I'm well back into my reading so loving his gift two novels by "Jody Picolt" My Sisters keeper (which I've wanted to read for ages and have put off seeing the film til I've read the book) and Mercy (which sounds like a bit of a tearjerker). Hopefully he'll come with me to walk the hound and visit my mum......I'm preparing a Chicken Casserole and Dumplings for tea, so no cooking but maybe a little crafting today. Talking about crafting this gorgeous stamp from little musings arrived on Friday and I love it, so last I made a quick card using Echo Park "for the record" papers, bit glitter and sewing (well it would be rude not to), I'm very happy with the hoping S J will be doing more stamps, here a link to her blog