Monday, 10 May 2010

One very productive day.

Well hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Today I've got the Monday morning feeling, a very long list of to do stuff, but guess what no motivation. So thought I'd easy into the week by blogging then packing cards from the weekend. All these cards are made with scraps, I stuck to a similar colour theme............ there's alot more to come as scrap box is overflowing. I'm trying my best the reduce the amount of stash that I DON'T USE by using it up, selling on e bay and giving it all the stash needs to fit in one cupboard, that my dad is going to customise to store all my stuff, then can close the door instead of boxes piled up all over the floor in my bedroom. Yesterday spent all day in pj's card making.......................and didnt finish off til after 11pm, 20ish cards made, did have a few breaks, very productive day.

Thanks for looking, Angie x


Samm said...

Oooo lovely, these are gorgeous :)


BRLD said...

so cute!

If you're selling or giving stuff away, let me know - I'm always on the lookout for things to enhance my non-existent stash collection!

Sandra said...

Such fab cards :) My goodness, you really did do a lot, didn't you.

Kathy Rogers said...

These are lovely